The strategic difference that really counts

Difference, as we know, is at the heart of strategy. In any realm – business, politics, military, personal – it is about walking a different path to the others around you.  Indeed we might say that’s its very definition: Strategy is that which only you do. Naturally, you will be the same as others in […]

The danger of knowing too much

Consider the following paradox: The more news you consume, the more ignorant you may become. How can this be true?  After all, clearly the person who reads the paper regularly, watches a 24 hour news channel, devours current affairs podcasts, and spends hours on Twitter will end up knowing an awful lot of stuff.  Certainly […]

The Strategic Hierarchy – Business Made Easy

As we all know, strategy is confusing. If I tell people that I’m a strategist, they typically respond in a similar manner as if I told them I’m a pixie – a mixture of bafflement and scepticism. “I don’t really know what you mean, but it sounds like bullshit anyway”. This, frankly, is fair enough.  […]