Going deep on strategy with the Hungry podcast

An exciting change of pace this week, where I’ll give you a break from the essays and point you instead to my recent appearance on the great podcast, Hungry.

Hungry is a podcast for challenger food and drink brands which has featured the founders of many breakthrough brands, top thinkers such as Rory Sutherland, and now, I’m happy to say, me.

It’s hosted by Dan Pope, formerly of ManiLife peanut butter, and I’ve got to say I was blown away by his knowledge and curiosity.  It made for a conversation I absolutely loved having – and although this doesn’t guarantee you’ll love listening to it, it hopefully bodes pretty well.

Whilst the pod is geared towards CPG I think that probably only really occupied 20% of our chat, so there should be plenty there to interest those of you in other industries – all circling around the kinds of topics we discuss here, only deeper and meatier.

To give it a listen, go to one of these:

On Apple Podcasts

On Spotify

I’d love to know what you think – and if it triggers any questions for you just send them this way.

Oh, and if you are in FMCG, you might want to check out his newsletter too.

Hope you enjoy, back to the essays next week.

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