work with alex

My work is built on one
simple truth.

Your business does something nobody else can.

The problem is, if you’re like most businesses, you’ve never quite figured out what that thing is. You’ve tried various strategies, various propositions, various directions, but nothing’s ever felt quite it.

As a result you’ve always been timid. Cautious. Hedged your bets. And held yourself back from the kind of bold action which separates the iconic brands from the merely “adequate”.

Work with me and we’ll find that thing, and turn it into a strategy that will focus everything you do.

The outcome? Complete confidence in where you’re going, and a brand that defies comparison with its competitors – leading to outsized impact, and outsized profits.


Is it right for you?

If any of the below sound familiar, then this work is exactly what you need.

Confusion and Hesitancy

You aren’t quite sure what your brand’s about, and so aren’t able to take big bold action

Fuzzy proposition

You lack clarity both internally and externally, resulting in a vague and dull offering

Competitive pressure

You feel locked in a battle with lots of similar brands, and want to find a way to break from the pack

Bland Brand

You think your brand could be improved, but you want it to be more than just a superficial design change

Slowing Growth

Things started great, but you’re hitting a plateau and aren’t sure how to kick-on to the next level

Squeezed Profits

Costs are up, price is down, and you don’t feel you’re capturing your fair share of the value you create

A Basic Arts project will solve all these issues in one go.

So how does it work?


A simple but provocative strategy

We find the strategic direction that will break you free from your competitors, and inspire your whole team


Creative ideas and operational changes that bring it to life

We build a list of ideas across the whole business (product, brand, distribution, etc.) that will bring it into line with the new strategy, and deliver instant results without even trying


Implementation support and mastery

We work together to make the changes and embed the strategy so deeply into your organisation that it becomes second nature

Together with my clients we’ve…

…and created brands people
actually care about.

…and created brands people actually care about.

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